Our story

It was out of love and... responsibility

My name is Ivan Skoblilov. I am the founder of Oliva Market brand. I believe that almost everyone has a lifelong dream about happiness, which sometimes takes ages to fulfill. I was lucky to have found my thing in the right time. I used to work in a large international company climbing up the career ladder and never troubled to think about myself as an ‘office plankton’ or something of that kind. I enjoyed everything I was doing being involved in fascinating projects, trainings, negotiations, contracts and enlarging the circle of colleagues and new acquaintances. At the same time, I never gave up the idea of finding something for pleasure – a small but fulfilling and rewarding business. A business that would never bring conflict into work-life balance but would literally become a part of my DNA and naturally take all my time.

From the very beginning, this project has been pushed forward by my dream to produce healthy foods that people can 100% trust and have on their family table.

I am a lucky man, you know! About four years ago, I had a run of good luck, an explosion, a strike, call it as you wish. This happened when for the first time I pressed oil for my family, and then for my friends, and then for my friends’ friends and then… I realized that all my free time I was busy producing oil! I also realized that while producing and delivering oil to my friends’ homes I never felt weary. Quite the opposite, I was full of enthusiasm, while positive feedback from the first consumers energized and encouraged me even more. That’s how the idea to start my own business actually popped up and that’s how Oliva Market was founded. At that time, I conceived my dream of producing healthy food, people can 100% trust and have on their family table.

Oliva Market holds two major awards for healthy lifestyle promotion: ‘Green Awards’ and ‘Live organic Awards’.